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Brass nails and why I have them.





Ever since last night I’ve been getting a lot of questions about my brass fingernails. First of all. NO, they are not prosthesis. i have them for a specific reason.

Here’s what they look like:


another view 


HERE’s is the reason:

I bite my nails all the time. constantly, idly, without thinking.


If you’re like me, and love giving back scratches, then having no nails is a problem:


Here’s how chose to fix this problem:

Shoot bullet, collect casing.


cut bullet.


The bullets have a taper inside. we will want the broader side of the taper to be outward on our nails, and the thinner side against the rear of the nail so there is no jutting up of material when they are glued on. Here’s what that taper looks like, one cylinder is flipped over to show how thick it is at the base:


clip, bend, and trim into a nail shape:



sand for a fine (BUT NOT CUTTING SHARP) edge on the front and smooth edges.


Glue with Krazy glue, it’s the best.image



Amazing. the nails will stay on for about a week at a time before working themselves loose, when that happens just scrape the glue off and reapply.

Unless you happen to have reached into the closet and snagged it on your shelves and broke the nail off on your pinky cuz holy god that hurt. reapply anyways.

Also these work as screwdrivers, knives and various other multi-tools at the tip of your finger, so that’s pretty rad. I don’t know how odd i should feel about having done this, but i must say; it’s handy as hell and really fun to have nails again.

OH, also you can shine them with “brasso” or something but screw that, I’ve tried that and they get mirror bright and really annoyingly shiny. not my thing.


this is some steampunk shit and i love it

Holy shit, this is literally the coolest thing I’ve read all day.

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I want to spend a day in the mind of Neil Gaiman, honestly. 

You really don’t. It’s weird in here. Also I think that thing over there in the corner of my mind is moving.

Don’t look. Maybe it won’t see us.

Last night I actually had an odd dream in which I was on a train with my theatre group (Tantalus Ireland) and you recognised me from one of my tumblr posts.
I think we were all on our way to the same convention and you asked me to hang out with you for the remainder of the evening because you wanted to talk about something.

Anyway, even if we really don’t want to be in your mind, what were you doing in mine exactly?

Because of his close personal friendship (well, acquaintanceship) with the Dream King, Neil is allowed to just wander through other people’s dreams. Just cause. 

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The Un-Man


"What chilled and almost cowed [Ransom] was the union of malice with something nearly childish. For temptation, for blasphemy, for a whole battery of horrors, he was in some sort prepared: but hardly for this petty, indefatigable nagging as of a nasty little boy at a preparatory school. Indeed no imagined horror could have surpassed the sense which grew within him as the slow hours passed, that this creature was, by all human standards, inside out—its heart on the surface and its shallowness at the heart. On the surface, great designs and antagonism to Heaven which involved the fate of worlds: but deep within, when every veil had been pierced, was there, after all, nothing but a black puerility, an aimless empty spitefulness content to sate itself with the tiniest cruelties, as love does not disdain the smallest kindness?" (Chapter 9)

"[Ransom] had full opportunity to learn the falsity of the maxim that the Prince of Darkness is a gentleman. Again and again he felt that a suave and subtle Mephistopheles with a red cloak and rapier and a feather in his cap, or even a sombre [sic] tragic Satan out of Paradise Lost, would have been a welcome release from the thing he was actually doomed to watch. It was not like dealing with a wicked politician at all: it was more like being set to guard an imbecile or a monkey or a very nasty child. What had staggered and disgusted him when it first began saying, “Ransom… Ransom…” continued to disgust him every day and every hour. It showed plenty of subtlety and intelligence when talking to the Lady; but Ransom soon perceived that it regarded intelligence simply and solely as a weapon, which it had no more wish to employ in its off-duty hours than a soldier has to do bayonet practice when he is on leave. Thought was for it a device necessary to certain ends, but thought in itself did not interest it. It assumed reason as externally and inorganically as it had assumed Weston’s body. The moment the Lady was out of sight it seemed to relapse.” (Chapter 10)

~ Perelandra, C.S. Lewis

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"[They were] two weirdly displaced people perpetually at-odds, constantly sniping at one another, more or less thrown together out of abnormal circumstance than anything else. There’s no way to articulate what they’d been to one another, in no small part because Tim is entirely unsure if he was ever a significant “anything” to Jay besides a convenient potential fountain of ambiguous, uncomfortable, oft second-guessed answers.

Certainly, by the end, their strained and uncertain association had gone off the rocks, if mainly by virtue of an impromptu personality-brainwashing courtesy of Tim’s preternaturally elongated childhood nightmare. Yet even before that, there’d been too impenetrable a wall of (admittedly well-placed) mistrust, fear, frustration, for anything deeper than a wavering, hesitant, on-again-off-again alliance to be achieved." (x)

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